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Re: I hope this low-income housing project fvcks with liberals

Posted by Nilet on Wed Apr 9 12:37:30 2014, in response to Re: I hope this low-income housing project fvcks with liberals, posted by Edwards! on Wed Apr 9 01:01:42 2014.

Look,son..if You are comforted by your "belief" that God is a conjured up boggie man floating in the sub conscience of humanity..then it is you right to do so..

See, that's your problem right there. I don't believe something because it's "comforting," I believe it because it's true. You ought to do the same; clinging to comforting lies betrays a certain lack of maturity.

...but don't expect everyone to support you on it.

Oh I've long since accepted that most people won't support me. Religion exploits all of our cognitive flaws, and most people just aren't smart enough or self-aware enough to recognise and try to work around said flaws.

See..some of us know better..better as in the fact that there is More to us..on a spiritual level..than what you may believe off face value.

Define "spiritual level."

To Me..the existence of God does Not need to be "proven" to the soul who by free will chooses to disbelieve..

Sorry, no. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If God's existence doesn't need to be proven, then when can I expect to receive your $465 visa fee?

Even if the "evidence" is dropped in the lap of the unbeliever,it wouldn't do one thing to change their perspective since that unbelief is sealed in their minds and hearts.

Try me. Offer the evidence, and we'll see what happens.

Certain men,Need to feel intellectually superior..by believing they can "debate" God's standing..without truly understanding who he is.

Part ad hominem with a bit of courtier's reply thrown in.

None of that matters..as his handy work is apparent by the very air we breath.

No, actually I created the universe. My handiwork is apparent by the very air you breathe. That I created the universe doesn't need to be "proven" if you disbelieve by free will and no evidence would ever convince you anyway since that unbelief is sealed in your mind and heart. You need to feel intellectually superior by "debating" me, even though you don't even know who I am.

Again,it is not my "job" to debate whether he is "real" or not..my "spiritual connection" to our creator is without question or,doubt.

Ah, thank you for proving my earlier point that the people who subscribe to religion insist that their beliefs can't be questioned. I'll cite you as an example to Terrapin, who was skeptical of this fact.

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