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Bus trip to Syracuse(chinatown vs greyhound): TRIP REPORT

Posted by NIMBYkiller on Sun Mar 30 22:07:10 2008

(boring part):
Okay, so it's spring break and I'm bored, so I decided to convince my friend to come party with me at Syracuse University with some of our friends who go to school there. Got the 2:10 train from Port Washington to Shea. From there, the 7, which we intended to take to GCT but there was a stalled train at 5th, so the train terminated at QBP. Got the N to Lex, then the 4 to 14th St. Walked to Astor Pl to get some money from a friend. From there, walked to 2nd av, F to E Broadway

(interesting part):
Walking to the bus station, I saw so many chinatown company signs. It's nuts how big this industry has gotten. Places like Akron, OH, Hagerstown, MD, and Huntington, WV, even have chinatown buses now! The company we took is Shun Fa (the one that crashed in Pittsburgh a year or two ago). The bus station is a cell phone/couch store/authorized hello kitty distributor as well. They now leave from the Tiger terminal at 59 Canal, near Apex bus. The bus pulled up on time, but had to loop the block b/c a car was blocking the stop. Got the bus half filled by 5:20(supposed to leave at 5) but we stopped just short of the tunnel then again at the gas station just past the Holland in NJ for about an hour total waiting for the idiots who were late to get dropped off in a van(driver was insanely pissed at the company for this). Bus was a nice new looking Van Hool, very comfortable. My friend and I were the only non-asian people on the bus. Bus was about 3/4 full The stops are Binghamton, Cortland, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo, but we skipped Binghamton. We also stopped for gas somewhere upstate. Made Syracuse an hour late. Bus station at Syracuse had 2 Jackie Chan posters and a tiger poster....wow.... $30 one way to Syracuse. 6 days a week, 5pm from NY, 2:30AM from Syracuse

Coming back, got Greyhound. RTC in Syracuse is very impressive and was VERY busy. Two Amtraks, a Greyhound to DC, and Bieber or Capitol to Harisburg, and our bus were all loading at the same time, not to mention a few Centro buses. Very nice terminal. Greyhound left about 20 minutes late(G series). VERY slow ride to Binghamton. Binghamton is just wow....I think the Shortline sign dominates the city skyline, lol. Greyhound station seems pretty small and crappy, Shortline's seemed even worse. Loaded up and headed out. Pretty empty bus, 1/3rd full. Got to lay down and sleep across 2 seats for a while, so did my friend. We stopped at a travel plaza on I-80 for a bit. After that, we flew to the Lincoln. Fare was $63.50 one way PP.

In recent monthes, I've gotten used to Chinabus Standard Time. You have to have patients when riding the smaller chinatown companies like Shun Fa and Double Happiness. Still, it's worth the frustration.


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