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Re: 3557 on the QM18 (!)

Posted by Far Rockaway A Train on Wed Jan 17 13:41:30 2007, in response to Re: 3557 on the QM18 (!), posted by David of Broadway on Sun Jan 14 11:09:18 2007.

As far as the situation with the O7 on the QM18, I personally didn't have a problem with it mainly because obviously the depot didn't have enought of the Cruisers to make that trip-so they had to substitute at last minute. Long as it's not happening 3 times every week for example.

In my opinion, the seats "are" part of the service. I know this is a bus forum, but I'm going to talk about rail transit just to get my point across.

Back in the '80s when the LIRR had their strike, a lot of Long Islanders as well as a lot of people in Far Rockaway were "forced" to ride the "A" train. The first thing people started doing when they boarded the train was to look for the overhead racks (mind you, this was an R44 we were on). When they didn't find that, then they started banging on the seats asking "where is the cushion?". Trust me, they noticed the difference in a quick fast hurry. Boy the whole thing was histerical.

Now, I know it sounds stupid, after all they were on a subway train, not a commuter railroad, but they actually expected the same service that they were "accustomed" to on the LIRR-even though they were paying less.

I said all of this because most of the passengers of the express buses in the NYC area are "accustomed" to certain "services" such as soft seats, having a seat (not standing), overhead lighting and racks, especially those traveling on the ex-LL and NYBS routes. After over 30 years of these things, you start rolling hard seated transit style buses-trust me they will notice and they will raise hell.

That's the point I was trying to make.


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