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Re: Queens Bus Redesign Draft Proposals

Posted by BusMgr on Sat Jan 11 10:34:56 2020, in response to Re: Queens Bus Redesign Draft Proposals, posted by New Flyer #857 on Sat Jan 11 08:52:49 2020.

At least in latter years, that would be an entirely hypothetical question because Green Bus Lines was not permitted to make such decisions. Improvements to service could be made only by NYCDOT, and there was a purposeful effort by NYCDOT to have poor service so as to justify handing it all over to the MTA.

The only "peace" would have been between the Transport Workers Union, Local 100, that represented the employees of Triboro Coach, and the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1179, that represented the employees of Green Bus Lines, and would concern the division of work between the employees represented by the diverse unions.

The irony in all of this, of course, is that MTA Bus Company management has been a total failure. An article in the New York Times, April 20, 2004, reported city subsidies of $150 million per year to maintain the operation of 1,200 bus by private companies (a number somewhat inflated as a result of very old buses that the City had refused to modernize, part of the City's drive to portray the privately-operated bus service as poorly-run). A few days later, on April 26, 2004, the New York Times reported Jerome Cooper, chairman of Triboro Coach, Green Bus Lines, et al., as remarking, "I don't know if the M.T.A. knows what they're getting into. . . . If they think they can run these bus lines better and cheaper than us, let 'em try." Mr. Cooper's prediction was directly on target. The City's expense budget (available at http://budget.council.nyc; go to the Miscellaneous expenses for services) includes $4,269,507,810 for subsidy payments to MTA Bus Company, nearly triple what it had been paying private companies. Certainly newer buses have been placed in service, but that could have done as well with private company management. But private companies would not have had taxpayer-paid subsidies explode to these levels, nor would you have had the private companies floating these mindless proposals for "redesigning" the bus network that MTA Bus Company has thrown out. The private companies had employees with decades of experience in knowing their routes and service areas, on a very low level, a significant difference from what appears to be a revolving door of relatively new and inexperienced service planners at MTA Bus Company, working remotely from lower Manhattan, and with little understanding of the historical context of the bus routes and communities being served. The horrible job that MTA Bus Company did with its service redesign is just another symptom of this government bureaucracy being an utter failure.

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