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Re: Queens Bus Redesign Draft Proposals

Posted by Osmosis Jones on Wed Jan 1 17:08:52 2020, in response to Re: Queens Bus Redesign Draft Proposals, posted by Osmosis Jones on Tue Dec 31 17:00:42 2019.

I feel like this draft was conjured up by people who were determined to make the system more grid-like, which makes sense in a low-density and car-friendly area like Queens, but lost sight of travel patterns and area demographics somewhere along the way.

Why are they trying to shove the Hunters Point Ferry down our throats? I doubt that the residents of Sunnyside headed towards Manhattan are going to favor this QT60 (new Q60) to the ferry over the 7 train or QT61/QT75.

They rerouted the QT80 (new Q18) away from residential Maspeth to better serve... 3 cemeteries?

Much of Glendale lost their subway connection to the Myrtle Avenue line, forcing riders to choose the Queens Boulevard line instead. Is it wise to funnel more riders onto a subway line that is supposedly beyond maxed out in capacity as it is?

They are really getting rid of Queens Plaza as a bus terminal, but I have no complaints, I always thought that it was over served anyways.

The QT6 (new Q58 Limited) does this weird diversion to Grand Avenue subway station between Queens Center and Maspeth, why? I am loving how the QT58 (new Q58 Local) serves Roosevelt Avenue instead taking the circuitous route through College Point Boulevard however.

The QT7 along Linden Boulevard only stops at Lefferts Boulevard between Sutphin Boulevard and Woodhaven Boulevard, who is this route for? Do they really think that the residents of Cambria Heights/St. Albans headed towards Manhattan are going to choose the slower A train over the E train?

The QT20 (new Q6) is brilliant and what I was hoping these changes would do to that route, but why does it shun the terminal area in favor of serving... Lefferts Boulevard Airtrain?

243rd Street in Rosedale is a busy commercial strip and important ridership generator for the Q85 (now QT43), and they're removing service from that strip, forcing passengers to cross the far from pedestrian friendly Conduit Avenue to catch their bus now?

Most Q65 riders on 164th Street are going to Flushing, this new QT65 completely disregards that in favor of taking a more linear route to Beechhurst. How many people in Beechhurst are really trying to get to Electchester and vice versa?

The QT33 (new Q75) is brilliant and exactly what I thought should have been done to the old Q75, although I wish this new QT33 also connected to the E, J, and Z trains.

The QT55 (new Q55) to Jamaica is also brilliant, and something that I have proposed on here numerous times to less than favorable reception, glad the MTA didn't listen to you guys on this one lol.

Why does the QT41 (new Q84) stub at Francis Lewis Boulevard? Am I really supposed to think that more 120th Avenue passengers east of Francis Lewis Boulevard would prefer a direct bus to Cunningham Park over Jamaica? The QT73 should also be extended to Rosedale LIRR or Green Acres for additional coverage.

Regarding the QT47 (new Q9), how are South Ozone Park airport employees supposed to reach the airport without having to ridiculously backtrack?

The QT50 (new Q50) is going to be brutal for drivers. A loop route from Co-op City to LaGuardia Airport via the Whitestone Bridge, Citifield, and Downtown Flushing then back to Co-op City?

Why does Roosevelt Avenue still have no bus service between 74th Street and 108th Street?

The QT71 (new Q27/Q77) should go over the Throgs Neck Bridge to Parkchester. I also think that there should be a branch to Rochdale Village on the southern end.

Not a big deal, but I thought that the Williamsburg waterfront area brought a decent chunk of ridership to the Q59, so I am a little surprised that they're getting rid of it. The Q59 will also lose its connection to the G train as a result of this, although admittedly it's a transfer few take advantage of.

The QT63 (new Q104) should abandon that stub end terminal at 11th Street in favor of an extension to Roosevelt Island. I am pretty sure that Roosevelt Island would appreciate the new connection to the Steinway Street shopping district.

Who is going to take the QT64 (new Q31) north of St. Johns? And it's going to run 24/7? This route is destined for failure. Maybe it should diverge to serve Auburndale LIRR to give it somewhat of a ridership generator on its northern end.

If there is a route that should go to the Hunters Point Ferry it should be the QT66, but they're stubbing it at Broadway. It won't even serve the shopping center at 48th Street anymore, why?

If they're going for a grid system, shouldn't the QT67 (new Q112) go to Crescent Street via Liberty and not the QT62? I am loving how they finally streamlined Jericho Turnpike service on the eastern end however.

Why are they swapping the Q83 (now QT39) and Q3 (now QT68) north of Liberty Avenue? There is nothing wrong with the current arrangement. Lots of airport workers in Hollis use the Q3.

The new QT75 is brilliant, I know Sunnyside is going to love this route. I still think that there should be a dedicated 48th Street route between Rikers Island and Ridgewood however.

For all of the routes that they're rerouting to ferry terminals, one of the most obvious candidates, the QT76 (new Q101) is stubbed at 21st Street and Ditmars Boulevard instead of heading all the way down to the Astoria Ferry Terminal. I would at least have it detour to serve the Ditmars Boulevard station so that northwestern Astoria would now have a direct bus to the N and W trains there.

The QT79 (new Q102) is brilliant, a perfect route, I can see this one being a success over time.

Why are they stubbing the QT83 (new Q11) at 157th Avenue? At least send it down to 164th Avenue so it can serve the commercial district down there.

This QT84 (new Q20A/Q25) is going to be DOA, no way this route has a chance as is.

In regards to the QT85 (new Q28), I thought Crocheron Avenue was a huge ridership generator for the Q28? I also thought that many Q28 riders are traveling between Northern Boulevard and points east, I can't see this one going over too well.

The Q74 lives through the new QT86, I actually like this route too, crazy enough to work. Atlas Park's management will love this.

I'm loving the new QT87, this one will be another instant hit. I would create a branch to Queensborough Community College a la the Q30 as well.

No way Lindenwood is going to accept the service cut that is the QT88 with open arms, this route will change soon enough.


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