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Re: Will Queens Bus Redesign really speed things up?

Posted by BrooklynBus on Fri May 10 06:13:26 2019, in response to Re: Will Queens Bus Redesign really speed things up?, posted by WMATAGMOAGH on Fri May 10 05:10:59 2019.

Yes, try to discredit me when you don't know the facts. Typical of you.

The location in question is Kings Highway between Avenue K and Flatbush Ave. The bus lane is in effect 24/7 but there is no SBS service on weekends. The local for some reason runs on a different street. The only bus on weekends is the B7 which operates every 20 minutes on Saturdays and every half hour on Sundays.

Before the exclusive lane there was never any traffic congestion along Kings Highway east of East 22 Street even during rush hours. The speed limit is 25 mph and DOT data showed average bus speeds of 21 mph before SBS. Since the bus has to make stops there is no way SBS could make the buses go any faster which is why I opposed it as well as the bus lanes.

Now traffic along Kings Highway is much slower and congested especially near Beth Israel Hospital with only one lane in the main road and one in the service road which they narrowed to widen the islands for bus shelters. There is virtually no place to switch between the main road and service roads, which also slows traffic. They also changed the traffic cycles for example at Bedford Avenue where you now can only make a left turn on a green arrow even when there is no opposing traffic. The arrow only allows about three cars on a signal. So that means you have to always wait a minute for the arrow and might not get through on the first one, when before a left turn was no problem at all.

The city is doing everything possible to increase traffic congestion and they are not even helping bus riders in the process. Then they blame those who must drive for that increased congestion and make sure that every time a pedestrian is hit by a car, it is top news, in order to give all drivers a bad name and make it appear that everyone drives unsafely.

Years ago, auto accidents, now renamed crashes to make it appear that everyone is preventable, were only in the news when it was a hit and run or on holiday weekends when the headline was something like 404 people killed last Labor Day weekend. Drive safely this weekend. Anyone remember that? With safer cars these days, and more people being careful, you don't hear those statistics any more, but the media would like you to believe there are more deaths today when in fact it is far fewer.

The goal is to make driving a hardship under the disguise that they are improving bus service. In order to do that, they need to restructure routes, fill transit deserts, and operate more frequent service, not cut service and eliminate bus stops and add SBS and reduce local service.


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