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Re: Why Isn't The Q35 A ''Limited'' Line?

Posted by New Flyer #857 on Mon Apr 15 08:32:47 2019, in response to Why Isn't The Q35 A "Limited" Line?, posted by nh153 on Mon Apr 15 00:48:00 2019.

This may not be a complete answer but the M5 has a "local" variant in addition to a "limited" one. At certain hours, the M5 is all-local.

The Q35 on the other hand always serves the same stops, at all times. Maybe by some standards it deserves to be called a "limited," but it's probably more trouble than it's worth to label it that way. Complicating matters further is that the Q35 does not make exactly the same stops as the B41 Limited. So you would have two different limiteds doing two different things.

That section of Flatbush Ave is unique (maybe the only place in NYC?) in that there are three layers of non-express service: the locals, the B41 Limited, and the Q35 "Super-Limited."

Regarding overnight service, there is a lot that goes into making decisions like that. Ridership trends are observed, and matched to the practicalities of how long the run is (i.e. how many vehicles and drivers are needed) and shift times and such. Politics gets in there too I'd suspect.

For example, the B2 runs half hourly intervals on midday weekdays, but 20-minute intervals on late evenings and weekends. Why? Maybe ridership levels, but more likely is that it takes 20-21 minutes in the Kings Plaza direction for a trip to be made at midday-weekday (owing probably to all the new traffic signals on the route and the wait to enter the Kings Plaza area), meaning that keeping 20-minute intervals would require 3 buses. Better to have 2 buses at 30-minute intervals than to have the route bleed money all day and have them contemplate removing it at certain times.

Not saying that's identical to the Q35 situation at night, but it's just to illustrate the various factors at play and why it may not run every 15 or 20 minutes during the shoulder periods (9 to 11 p.m. or so).


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