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Re: Original MaBSTOA Route Assignments Help

Posted by W.B. on Mon Sep 4 10:12:42 2017, in response to Original MaBSTOA Route Assignments Help, posted by 33rd Street on Wed Jul 22 01:12:53 2009.

That lineup, as 'Andy' noted on July 22, 2009, would have been between 1969 and 1972 - 1969 when 101A was inaugurated, 1972 after 12th Street depot closed and Hudson Pier depot opened (leading to yet other route reassignments). As of April 1968 the roster for MaBSTOA's Manhattan Division would have been as follows:

132 Street Depot

3 Fifth & Convent/St. Nicholas (now the M3)
4 Fifth & Fort Washington Avenues (now the M4)
5 Fifth Avenue & Riverside Drive (now split between M5 & M55)
11 Ninth & Amsterdam Avenues (now the M11)
(10 Broadway - ?)

54 Street Depot

6 Broadway-Seventh & Avenue of Americas (Sixth Avenue) (later the M6; since eliminated)
13 8th Street Crosstown (now the M8)
15 Jackson Heights (now the Q32)
15 23 Street Crosstown (now the M23)
16 Elmhurst Crosstown (Queens, later the Q89; since eliminated)
16 34 Street Crosstown (now the M34)
20 57 Street Crosstown (now the M57)
103 59 Street Crosstown (eliminated)
106 42 Street Crosstown (now the M42)

100 Street Depot

6 72 Street Crosstown (now the M72)
17 79 Street Crosstown (now the M79)
18 86 Street Crosstown (now the M86)
19 96 Street Crosstown (now the M96)
20 116 Street Crosstown (now the M116)
101 Third-Lexington & Amsterdam Avenues (now the M101)
107 106 Street Crosstown (now the M106)
TB Triborough Bridge (now the M35)

146 Street Depot

1 Fourth & Madison Avenues (now the M1)
2 Fifth-Madison & Lenox Avenues (eliminated)
2A Fifth-Madison & Seventh Avenues (now the M2)
7 Broadway-Columbus & Lenox Avenues (now the M7)
10 Eighth Avenue & Central Park West (now split between M10 & M20)

Amsterdam Depot

30 149 Street Crosstown (now the Bx19)
100 Broadway-Kingsbridge
104 Broadway

12 Street Depot

12 Spring & Delancey Streets (service eliminated)
14A 14 Street Crosstown via Avenue A (now the M14A)
14D 14 Street Crosstown via Avenue D (now the M14D)

(Notice the absence from this list of 21 Houston Street-Avenue C [now the M21]; was it out of 12th Street or 54th Street as of '68?)

A few things stick out. Evidently with the demise of the 2 (Fifth-Madison & Lenox Avenues) and startup of 101A (Third-Lexington & Lenox Avenues) on March 2, 1969, a shuffle of certain routes occurred:

20 (now M116) - 100 Street Depot (1968) > 146 Street Depot (1969)
TB (now M35) - 100 Street Depot (1968) > 146 Street Depot (1969)

This would pale compared to the various route reassignments that followed in the wake of the closure of 12th Street Depot and the opening of Hudson Pier Depot; would appreciate the initial (early '70's) roster for that depot, if practicable, s'il vous plait.

The Bronx Division, meanwhile, had these routes as of November 1967 (some routes with A or B suffices were not included):

Coliseum Depot

3 Prospect Avenue
5/5A Bruckner Boulevard
6 Throgs Neck (now the Bx30)
7 Boston Road (service eliminated)
8 Williamsbridge Road (now the Bx8)
9 Eastchester Road (now the Bx31)
11 170 Street Crosstown
12 Fordham Road/City Island (now the Bx12)
13 Castle Hill (now the Bx22)
14 Edenwald Avenue (now the Bx16)
15 Gun Hill Road (now the Bx28)
16 Webster Avenue
17 Allerton Avenue (now the Bx26)
18 Macombs Road
22 Country Club (later the Bx14; since eliminated)
23 Crosby-Layton Avenues (now the Bx8)
36 180 Street Crosstown
49 Highbridge (service eliminated)

West Farms Depot

21 Pelham Bay Park (service eliminated)
25 Morris Avenue (now the Bx32)
26 Boston Road & Morris Park Avenue (now the Bx21)
27 Clasons Point
28 Williamsbridge (now the Bx39)
29 Willis Avenue (now the Bx15)
31 Southern Boulevard (now the Bx19)
32 St. Ann's Avenue (service eliminated)
33 138 Street Crosstown
40 Tremont Avenue
42 Westchester Avenue (now the Bx4)

Kingsbridge Depot

1 Concourse-138 Street
2 Concourse Hub
4 Jerome-Bainbridge Avenues (now the Bx34)
10 Riverdale Avenue (now the Bx7)
19 207 Street Crosstown (now the Bx12)
20 Bronx Park-Van Cortlandt Park (now the Bx9)
24 Bailey Avenue (service eliminated)
34 163 Street Crosstown (now the Bx6)
35 167 Street Crosstown
37 Ogden Avenue (now the Bx13)
38 University Avenue (now the Bx3)
41 Webster Avenue-White Plains Road

Looks like in the interim between 1967 and 1970-72, Coliseum gained Bx40 (amongst existing routes) and lost Bx6, Bx11 and Bx36. (Bx30 was assigned out of Amsterdam Depot, covering the Manhattan Division.)


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