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Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter.

Posted by R30A on Tue Feb 7 10:14:42 2017, in response to Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter., posted by BrooklynBus on Tue Feb 7 00:19:07 2017.

There certainly was an answer. I asked him if pedestrians and cyclists were all that mattered. That requires a yes or no answer and he did not answer.
That is an inflammatory question. No professional would ever answer such an question.

No, he did not speak for himself. You answered for him saying there is no answer.
He certainly did speak for himself. He made a clear statement that you misunderstood. He has since further clarified it on multiple occasions for your benefit.

Stephen Baumanís data certainly was applicable that showed major crossings with 35,000 to 50,000 daily vehicular crossings. DOT claims there are 33,000 daily bus riders and that also is applicable data. So you are lying by stating the data I used is not applicable.
The applicable data would be comparing the totals. As you have no total for the cars, nor do you have any total for the bus at any one location, you cannot compare them.

Fdtutf claimed that the number of bus passengers was equal to the number in autos.
He does not make any such claim.

I proved he was incorrect since 50,000 is higher than 33,000 and that assumes each car carries only one passenger and there is much turnover on Woodhaven so it is perfectly reasonable to assume that the number of those in cars is somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 people daily.
He is not incorrect, because he never claimed anything to the contrary. There is nothing that is perfectly reasonable to assume with regards to those in cars.

You finally admitted that 80 percent of users in motor vehicles are in cars or trucks.
I have never made any such admission. You really are completely incapable of understanding conditional statements, aren't you?

If he said something else, what was it?
He was saying exactly what I have said numerous times: That you can make absolutely any statement you want appear true if you fabricate data to support it.

You obviously never travel on Woodhaven. The only time buses on weekends are crowded is on a hot summer beach day.
You obviously never take Woodhaven buses. They are crowded year round. But regardless, who said anything about weekends only? Remember, MANY of the Woodhaven buses don't actually go to the beach!

But at least I am making some headway. I finally got you to admit that 80 percent of the traffic is drivers and car passengers and only 20% are bus riders.
I have never made any such admission.

Also you also previously said it is possible that the number of bus riders equals the numbers of those in cars agreeing with fdtutf.
I have?

I time all my trips.
Great! then post your data tables!

I am not assuming anything. DOTís preliminary numbers from the exclusive bus lane in Rego Park already showed it. During the AM peak, the average speed in the peak direction between Furmanville and Metropolitan went down from 19 mph to 11.5 mph.
And as I have mentioned time and time again, that is NOT the intended final plan for that area, so it has no bearing on such. Furthermore, other times of the day show substantially different results.

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