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Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter.

Posted by BrooklynBus on Wed Jan 11 12:09:34 2017, in response to Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter., posted by BusMgr on Wed Jan 4 23:43:07 2017.

In almost all cases they do. But avoiding a collision is not always possible and that is when there is an accident and someone gets hurt or killed. That's what you hear about.

Yesterday there were three pedestrian fatalities in Brooklyn. Each one was on the news. Not a single word about all the millions of pedestrians that crossed safely that day because that was not news.

That's not to say those fatalities were okay. But it is unfair to automatically fault the motorist in every instance when most all of them do take adequate precautions except for the few maniacs out there who have no regard for human life.


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