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Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter.

Posted by Spider-Pig on Wed Jan 4 11:23:31 2017, in response to Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter., posted by Stephen Bauman on Wed Jan 4 07:49:15 2017.

Citibike is $155 for an entire year

A single bus trip is $2.75. I'd have to ride the bus where Citibike is a viable alternative 63 times a year* in order to justify that. That seems low but it's significant. For one thing, bus rides are completely free when transferring to/from the subway. Citibike is useless to people who are carrying bags that are too big to fit in the basket but have no shoulder straps, for people unable to ride bikes either due to inability or infirmity, or during inclement weather.

What it meant is that people @ 59th St who wanted to proceed on Broadway below 42nd st were obliged to walk over to 7th Ave to catch a bus.

The M7 stopped and stops at Columbus Circle.

If they walked over to 7th Ave today, they would catch a downtown BMT subway today for the same journey.

The subway is also unavailable to people with certain infirmities, 57th, 49th downtown, 28th and 23rd Streets are not accessible to persons with ambulatory disabilities.

*This calculation takes into account the 11% bonus.

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