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Re: Bus service cuts to affect 1,000 riders...NICE

Posted by N6 Limited on Wed Mar 28 17:12:39 2012, in response to Re: Bus service cuts to affect 1,000 riders...NICE, posted by grand concourse on Wed Mar 28 15:55:05 2012.

The MTA can hardly "adjust" anything without outrage, and then people beg that their fares not be raised. And if their fare is raised they want increased service which would defeat the purpose of trying to fix their budget. If ridership is increased then service should be increased 1 to 1., etc, etc.

(I remember when there was some buzz a few years go about NYC Bus ridership increasing but the MTA not increasing service on a 1 to 1 percentage match. Percentages mean nothing alone, If Ridership increases by 50% and previously there was only 10 riders per trip then NO service has to be increased at all!)

Anyway, at the same time I doubt the MTA would have done these Adjustments, they would have simply cut routes. NICE is doing a hybrid of frequency reductions, with frequency increases and route modifications, 2 routes being reinstated (N17 & JB88), with some routes getting extended service hours/etc. (If you take one bus from Mid-day and tack it on the end, you increase service hours at the same cost essentially.)

I think most of the outrage is just out of ignorance. It's like this is how I see it:

Typically Interviewed Rider: I use the bus mid-day, how will I get around if they cut my service!
Informed Rider: Well, do you use the N78 or N21?
Typically Interviewed Rider: What? Where do they run?
Informed Rider: Exactly.... Which route do you live by/use?
Typically Interviewed Rider: N43.
Informed Rider: Did you know that the N43 is getting increased mid-day service and an extension to the Hempstead Transit Center?
Typically Interviewed Rider: Really?! Oh wow that's good.
Informed Rider: Right.....
Typically Interviewed Rider: I use the N21 off peak, how will I get to my Doctor Appointments in Port Washington!?
Informed Rider: Where is your stop?
Typically Interviewed Rider: In Glen Cove, the last stop.
Informed Rider: You can take the N27 and transfer to the N23
Typically Interviewed Rider: What?
Informed Rider: Yes, you can just transfer at the Roslyn LIRR Station, as opposed to Port Washington Blvd as you do now.
Typically Interviewed Rider: I guess that's not so bad
Informed Rider:Is the bus crowded when you use it?
Typically Interviewed Rider: No, I'm usually the only person on board.
Informed Rider:Exactly...

A little biased ;) but that's essentially what happens. Just like with FastTrack "I work at Herald Square but Live by Pacific Street, How Will I get home without the D train!!!" You're going to get on the Q train, ride to Atlantic Ave and STFU.


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